A New England Kitchen Set in Maine

A New England Kitchen Set in Maine

summary Trellis Inspired Screens

Circa 2006, this great kitchen designed by Mallory Marshall thumped our socks off.

Trellis Inspired Screens

Trellis-Inspired Screens

Instead of draperies, screens — replicated from an old sweet pea trellis — flank the window.

Top Shelf Easy Access

Top Shelf Easy Access

A collapsible fire fighter's stepping stool snares onto the stainless-steel rail for simple access to the best retires. "It's the Vatican of dishes," says designer Mallory Marshall, who keeps her mom's and grandma's old Wedgwood and ironstone in the pantry.

French Farmhouse Table

French Farmhouse Table

The old French farmhouse table is set with dark fiery remains coated stoneware by craftsman Lynn Duryea and white Wedgwood Queensware. Marshall utilizes old fashioned silver and stemware each day.

A Mix of Old and New

A Mix of Old and New

Marshall blends high contrast, old and new, in her dishes as well, and her antique silver place settings look far superior with contemporary ceramics. "I jump at the chance to adjust on the edge between where we live now and what we cherish from the past. On the off chance that you don't blend the two, you don't see the difference."

Vintage Lantern

Vintage Lantern

Real candles for the vintage lantern.

Black Pottery

Black Pottery

Black stoneware for a dark kitchen.

Dale Chihuly Bowls

Dale Chihuly Bowls

Seaforms by Dale Chihuly motivated the complete of the mahogany cabinets.

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