40 Gorgeous Powder Rooms With Extra Pow

40 Gorgeous Powder Rooms With Extra Pow

summary powder room ideas

The mystery to pulling off a major effect look with petite area: Decorate like you would in some other room. Here, our most loved traps to go with the same pattern. (And keeping in mind that you're grinding away, get more than 100 bathroom ideas for the ace suite.)

Striped Powder Room

Playful Stripes

Complete with trompe l'oeil decorations, summery blue and white stripes change a powder room by a pool into a rose shoreline cabana. The stripes on the roof copy a crested rooftop and help trick the eye into seeing a taller, loftier space.

Bathroom with Grandfather Clock

Classic Timepiece

Without the dampness and moistness from a shower to stress over, a legacy commendable granddad style clock can have pride of place. Perfect for filling a restricted traverse of divider, the timepiece supplements the nattiness of the custom-made groups of dark paint.

Powder Room

Lucite Accents

Since there's no compelling reason to stash ordinary necessities under a powder room sink, the vanity is freed from its stockpiling undertaking and turns out to be entirely an announcement piece. A Lucite-confined mirror in a zingy yellow proceeds with the subject of transparency.

Animal Print Powder Room

Animal Prints

In an opposites-are inclined toward one another powder room, a common palette keeps the glitz panther print backdrop and drug store style metal vanity from conflicting. The troubled mirror with coral-pink streaks doesn't see every day utilize, so it serves for the most part to infuse shading into the intense however restricted shading scheme.

Ikat Powder Room

Grey and Gold

When utilized as a part of such a little space, this silk ikat wallcovering's extensive scale print appears to be invigorating instead of overpowering. The 1820s French mirror's switch painted edge keeps the realistic examples coming.

Powder Room

Fine Furniture

Fitted with a marble top and an undermount bowl, an eighteenth century Swedish mahogany cabinet transforms into a vanity. Segments of antique ikat texture, connected like backdrop, keep the look current.

Powder Room

Textured Walls

A powder room behind a staircase grasps its diminutiveness and turns into a touchy, fascinating gem box with allover Moroccan fretwork. The punctured boards enable light to channel in while disguising not as much as impeccable walls.

Powder Room

Space Savers

For a powder room this Lilliputian, a mirror hung at a point over a corner sink boosts each inch (and mess can be reserved behind the texture skirt). The Wedgwood plates and round complement table help balance the boxiness — and include charm!

Farmhouse Bathroom

Rustic Cabinets

Even unobtrusive, done-in-a-day modifications can convey significant identity. Here, chicken wire introduced set up of glass bureau entryways ups the nation feel and shows off heaps of new towels.

Powder Room

Strategic Splurges

The mix of a couple of luxury touches — sensitive Baguès-style sconces, an unpredictably cut Italian Baroque mirror, an antique French-limestone skimming vanity — makes old-world polish and a feeling of imagination without leaving the house.

Cream Powder Room

Spanish Colonial

Creamy whites and strong dark get a fascinating edge in a Mediterranean-propelled home. An antique chest's bended lines differentiate the realistic tiles unique to the room.

LLH Blue Powder Room

Trellis Walls

The geometric lines of latticework pop considerably more because of two-conditioned paint. The dividers are painted in Dix Blue and the treillage in Plummett, both by Farrow and Ball.

Michelle Prentice South Carolina House

Recycled Materials

Save backdrop scraps from a past venture for moment craftsmanship. Confined sections of Gracie's Georgian Tea Trade backdrop look simply like scene artistic creations in a South Carolina home's powder room.

Patterned Bath

Flower Power

Pick up a most loved shading in the backdrop by painting a mirror to coordinate. This eccentric powder room consolidates larger than average orchids with a similarly resplendent mirror.

Bold Blue

Ocean Blue

Embrace a most loved shading like this striking shower. As per customary feng shui, blue-greens speak to youth, fresh starts and confidence.

Moroccan Bathroom

Moroccan Motif

Sometimes two tiles are superior to one. The emanating designs in this common space likewise resound a vintage pendant and starburst-molded sink.

Yellow Powder Room

Matching Shades

Refresh a current (and disliked) design decision by grasping it head on. This beautiful shower kept the citrus backdrop and included a window treatment in a similar yellow shade for an intentional look.

Meg Braff Long Island Bathroom

Muted Wallpaper

Even the example unwilling can get going to play a part with a monochrome print. The powder room of a New York pilgrim highlights Farrow and Ball's Lotus backdrop, yet naval force twirls look similarly as pleasant.

Elegant Alcove

Elegant Alcove

A look at an inward space — like the curved nook that designer Anne Miller gives here — influences a powder to room feel larger.

Red Maple

Red Maple

Sleek highlights are decoration enough for lacquered maple framing and cabinetry, as designer David Easton demonstrates in this tribute to luxury modernity.

Bold Pattern

Bold Patterns

The oversize themes of flower backdrop and a geometric mirror punch up a minor room by designer Meg Braff. Liberal dashes of white continue everything light and breezy in this Hamptons home.

Deep Color

Striking Color

Paint puts forth the enormous expression here, giving a limited space the profundity of ocean and sky. Designer Sally Markham picked a sparkle complete to get daylight, or lamp light.

Urn Basin

Urn Basin

This press garden trimming was brought inside by designers Bobby McAlpine and Susan Ferrier. A stone stage raises the urn's inset bowl to regular sink height.



Designer Ashley Whittaker supplanted clinical roof high white tile with whimsical Asian-themed backdrop (lampshades emulate the red parasols) and a false bamboo mirror.

Framed Sconces

Framed Sconces

By symmetrically laying out two sconces to coordinate the ebonized reflect outline, designer Robin Bell made a triptych sufficiently wide to stand its ground over a stupendous vanity.

Side Table

Extra Seating

Because an entire second shower likewise fills in as the powder room in this house, designer Joe Nye introduced a small "steward's plate" loaded down with luxuries to charm guests.

Odd Angle

Baroque Mirror

Turning a peculiarity into an advantage, designer Stephen Shubel celebrated a diagonal divider with the beautiful outlines of a scallop-shell sink and a Baroque cut mirror frame.

Silver Vanity

Silver Vanity

In an inconspicuous minor departure from the standard sparkle of chrome and mirror glass, designer Sally Markham brings out boudoir style with a vanity sheathed in silver leaf.

Guest Towels

Guest Towels

Embroidered cloths twofold as divider decoration in this offbeat Jeffrey Bilhuber design. An unpleasant cut marble sink appears differently in relation to the sensitive needlework.

Wood Accents

Wood Accents

Enchanted backwoods meets regal nook, because of HB Home's blending of forest backdrop with a decorated bureau they changed over into a vanity.

Toile Bathroom Decor

Toile All Over

Rooms under overhang can feel cramped, however designer Tom Scheerer veiled this low incline by covering it in an aviary-designed toile that appears to open up the entire space.

Fabric Cover Up

Fabric Cover-Up

Rather than remove unattractive divider tile, designer T. Keller Donovan shrouded it behind creased cotton dangled from a roof mounted track. A similar texture skirts the vanity.

Diverting View

Crimson Shades

Lively scenes and clear backdrop reds, in addition to an eye-getting red shade, occupy consideration from the cumbersome space designer Meg Braff needed to work with.

Shell Collage

Shell Collage

Marine life is a natural powder-room subject. Designer Lawrence Rizkowsky's shoreline brushing yielded this unprecedented vanity, his very own shellwork dream design.

Black and White

Black and White

Flocked backdrop enlivened designer Stephen Shubel's realistic plan. Punctured Moroccan sconces and a two-tone sink improve the dramatization of light and dark.

Painted Wainscot

Painted Wainscot

Reminiscent of a time when indoor pipes was as yet a curiosity, old fashioned covering feels comfortable in Michael S. Smith's customary ensemble.

Tight Corner

Rustic Touches

Corner sinks were created for issue regions like this, where entryways restrain usable space. Designer Mimi McMakin's perfect application fits its rural setting to a tee.

Pedestal Sink

Pedestal Sink

Space-sparing yet stately, the wash bowl's column like help is an appropriately traditional mate for framed woodwork in an interior by designer Nancy Boszhardt.

Mixed Textures

Mixed Textures

Designer Madeline Stuart lime-washed these dividers to orchestrate with the changed completions of a marble sink, a bronze backsplash and an iron mirror outline and sconces.

Vessel Sink

Vessel Sink

Designer Phoebe Howard lifts an ordinary custom with this Carrara marble bowl. The fixture rises up out of a stone-mosaic dado in a range of watery hues.

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