20 Incredible Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

20 Incredible Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

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Dining in the open air is just a large portion of the fun — things truly warm up when you bring the whole cooking knowledge outside. Set your sights on the beautiful points of interest inside these outdoor kitchens, and get roused to design something comparable for your own backyard.

Rooftop Kitchen

Metallic Countertops

Entertaining master Lulu Powers envisioned of a copper bar for quite a long time, but worried it would turn green. Treating the counter and racking with veneer fights off weathering, and gives a glitz spots to outdoor cocktail parties. 


Rooftop Grilling

Five stories above Brooklyn, a tar-paper rooftop moved toward becoming a gourmet cooking spot with all encompassing perspectives of the New York skyline. A charcoal flame broil stays the space, however the drink station gives the genuine enchantment. A slide-away cutting board and protected ice canister make mojitos a snap. 

Natural Hues

Flower Sink

Inspired by a similar basin at the well known Greystone Mansion, an outdoor sink features an inset container for sprouts. The vessel also capacities as an ice pail for wine — simply pull the attachment at the base when the gathering's over. 


Stained Oak

In designer Bonnie Edelman's Connecticut house, the pool kitchen's recolored oak roof pours warmth over cool stainless-steel cupboards. A drop-down metal door shields machines from rain.

Salvaged Materials

Terracotta Hues

This outdoor kitchen in California takes its hues from the earth and the sky. A Viking warming cabinet is helpfully nearest to the Fogazzo 1050 pizza broiler. "It's tied in with engaging," planner Michael Layne says. "Individuals will accumulate where cooking's going on, so you require bunches of counter space and a lot of seating."


Repurposed Shutters

In Malcolm James Kutner's Key West house, the outdoor kitchen cupboards are produced using old cypress shades provided by restorer Liz Devries. "With outdoor living as a rule, it's tied in with being well disposed with nature and welcoming it inside as opposed to endeavoring to draw that substantial line in the sand that says, 'This is the outside and this is within,'" he says. 


Blue Cabinetry

In Dianne Bernhard's Connecticut kitchen, cupboards with Nantucket-style entryways and blue-conditioned Caesarstone on top get the shades of the water just past the deck. "We truly do live around here amid the mid year," Bernhard says. The roof is painted Benjamin Moore's Blue Springs.

Multiple Spaces

Salvaged Materials

Designer Sandy Koepke utilized rescued material and gritty hues to give this California kitchen some age and development. The greater part of the machines and cabinetry are from Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet. 

Counter Seats

Strategic Layout

The U-molded design of a Nantucket kitchen is zoned from hot to frosty, moving from the flame broil on the left to two fridge drawers and an ice producer on the right. "Normally an outdoor kitchen is a greater amount of an assistant, however this is finished," designer Kris Horiuchi says. "The customer needed everything — flame broil, cooktops, icebox, sink, pizza oven."

Cozy Outdoor Fireplace

Stone Varietals

There's a natural feeling to the outdoor kitchen designed by Mick De Giulio, on account of an assortment of hues, shapes and surfaces of stone — from Medina Slab pavers to the island worked of Weston Stone, all from Belgard Hardscapes.

Built In Beverage Cooler

Multiple Spaces

A Rhode Island property's engaging space sits close by the vegetable garden. The outside kitchen and encased living room are both equipped with power and water, and a porch of bluestone pavers connects the two cedar structures.

Grill of All Trades

Barstool Seating

The backsplash of a New England kitchen is amplified with a bar counter, where visitors can sit and talk with the cook.

Creative Wine Storage in a California Kitchen

Cozy Fireplace

The seating zone of this California kitchen mixes flawlessly into the encompassing garden because of a plenitude of pruned plants.

Lamp Made from a Barn Vent

Built-In Cooler

It was the proprietor's plan to transform the sink inside a Nantucket kitchen into a refreshment cooler with a teak top.

Outdoor Kitchen

Grade-A Grill

There's something beyond burgers and pooches on the menu at this Massachusetts kitchen. The half breed grill can be prepared to cook in 10 minutes, utilizing any blend of charcoal, wood and gas. The gas burners will do anything from low and moderate grill at 225 degrees to singing meat at 800.

Hidden Storage

Wine Racks

This Manhattan Beach kitchen includes a refreshment focus adjusted to store wine, with a barrel tapper nearby.

Outdoor Kitchen Counter

Rustic Accents

Small points of interest have any kind of effect for this California kitchen. A light produced using a stable vent sits on the counter over an icemaker and fridge. Interior designer Erin Martin picked the rope handles on the cabinetry.

Lulu Powers Outdoor Kitchen

Inclusive Atmosphere

"We get a kick out of the chance to engage outdoors. On the off chance that you welcome individuals over for supper, and they're outside getting a charge out of the nightfall and a glass of wine, yet you're stuck in the kitchen, how fun is that," gourmet specialist Tyler Florence says of the 2011 Kitchen of the Year. "Rather than isolating the whole experience, how about we unite everything back again."


Hidden Storage

Keep your barbecuing station composed with a cunningly concealed cabinet. In this Nantucket kitchen, utensils hang inside a cupboard, off the beaten path until needed.

Creative Counters

If you can't go overboard on a moment kitchen, this additional wide window may do the trap. Designer Erin Martin expanded the marble counter from a shoreline house kitchen outside to make passing nourishment easier.

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