12 Fresh Summer Paint Colors That Feel Like a Tropical Vacation

12 Fresh Summer Paint Colors That Feel Like a Tropical Vacation

summary Lime Green Room Summer Color

What shades say outside air, blossoms in sprout, cool winds and joyful evenings? We requested that twelve designers reveal to us their top picks for the warm-climate months.

Raspberries with Cream

The Look

In this octagonal anteroom between main bedroom and shower, Gary McBournie utilized Benjamin Moore's Florida Pink on the dividers and included a bit of Benjamin Moore's White Dove on the trim.

Florida Pink

Color Inspiration: Florida Pink

"I like the glow and brightness of this extremely profound raspberry, nearly the shade of a pink Corvette. It has that decent old Florida look, before everybody went beige. You require an extreme shading down here to retain the light." — Gary McBournieMake it yours: Benjamin Moore Florida Pink 1320

A Summer Bedroom

The Look

Sea green dividers in Porter Paints Parsley Tint finish a peaceful Florida bedroom by Jennifer Garrigues.

Parsley Tint

Color Inspiration: Parsley Tint

"This pale water green resembles the sea when it's so clear you can see the sand through the water. It helps me to remember occasions and daylight and how quiet you feel when you sit on the shore and watch the waves breaking." — Jennifer GarriguesMake it yours: Porter Paints Parsley Tint 6998-1

Modern Bathroom

The Look

A beautiful bathroom's striped palazzo drapes offer a realistic contrast to the citrusy paint on the dividers and ceiling.

Lemon Freeze

Color Inspiration: Lemon Freeze

"This is an acidy yellow green, sort of hip and extremely radiant, yet not in a cornball way. More fascinating, similar to a shading you'd see on a tropical island." — Jackie TerrellMake it yours: Benjamin Moore Lemon Freeze 2025-50

Master Bedroom

The Look

Designer Robert Passal blended hues to devise his own mitigating blue for the main bedroom in his Miami Beach apartment.


Color Inspiration: Basalt

"It feels like natural air when you stroll into the room. What's more, it reads as blue — the palest, gentlest blue, as though you were drifting in the sky. Extremely ethereal, and marvelous." — Timothy WhealonMake it yours: Ralph Lauren Paint Basalt VM121

Tropical Living Room

The Look

For a Palm Beach sunroom, designer Allison Paladino had the dividers coated brilliant green to catch the light and painted the woodwork white to tone it down. "The sunroom is gutsy, yet the room is entirely unwinding in light of the fact that I confined the palette," she says.

Potpourri Green

Color Inspiration: Potpourri Green

"I'm simply again from Milan, where I ate gelato twice every day. Such astonishing hues! Pistachio is my top choice, however I would prefer not to put on weight so I'll simply encircle myself with this velvety green, rather than eating it." — Carl D'Aquino Make it yours: Benjamin Moore Potpourri Green 2029-50

Blue Dining Room

The Look

The dining room in a blue-adoring apartment begins with a mass of cerulean cupboards and finishes with a shimmery silver ceiling.

Santa Monica

Color Inspiration: Santa Monica Blue

"This profound indigo blue is an exemplary shoreline house shading. Following three hours of sitting in rush hour gridlock on an August evening, you need to crumple in a room that will supplement a super cold martini." — Jarrett HedborgMake it yours: Benjamin Moore Santa Monica Blue 776

Modern Green Dining Room

The Look

Designer Jamie Drake grasped lime-green dividers and technicolor craftsmanship in this New York apartment. "To a few, this piece may appear to conflict, however when craftsmanship gets excessively matchy-matchy with the stylistic layout, it loses its edge," he says.

Chic Lime

Color Inspiration: Chic Lime

"Anything with lime discusses summer to me. This hot green has a considerable measure of yellow. It consolidates the warmth of the sun with the coolness of a gin and tonic on the veranda." — Marshall WatsonMake it yours: Benjamin Moore Chic Lime 396

Outline the Floor

The Look

Designer David Kaihoi traps the eye in his little East Village apartment with intense hues. Profound violet with flies of yellow really amplifies the portal, alongside another astute painting trap. "We designated a passageway basically by painting a little laid out square simply inside the front entryway," he says.

Persian Violet

Color Inspiration: Persian Violet

"We pulled this lavender from the night sky, and summer blooms like lilac and lupine. In the brilliant sun, it goes up against a glow that draws out the red in the purple however then as the light blurs, it chills off and turns into this delightful blue." — Lee MelahnMake it yours: Benjamin Moore Persian Violet 1419

glass and rope pendant light

The Look

"It's exceptionally quieting to stroll into a room that has been plunged in one shading," engineer Bill Ingram says of this vintage bathroom covered with sage green.

Soft Fern

Color Inspiration: Soft Fern

"For me, the most engaging hues in summer are not sweltering but rather cool. You don't should be helped to remember the sun and warmth — you're in it. What you need is a cool easily finish the pine trees, similar to this white dark green." — Frank RoopMake it yours: Benjamin Moore Soft Fern 2144-40

The Look

The Look

Black furniture grounds the peachy living room and loans an additional note of modernity to a New York City apartment designed by Jamie Drake.

Old World

Color Inspiration: Old World

"Imagine strolling directly into a peony. This shading is on the cusp amongst pink and coral, with a yellow feeling that makes it more refined and flexible than a pinky pink. On the off chance that no one but it could possess a scent reminiscent of a bloom!" — Maureen FooterMake it yours: Benjamin Moore Old World 2011-40

Traditional Green Bedroom

The Look

Dark furniture looks "rich and exquisite" against the spring-green dividers, upholstery and work of art of a Palm Beach bedroom.

Rollinson Hues 31

Color Inspiration: Rollinson Hues 31

"Christopher Rollinson's paints have such immersion and profundity. This warm, glowing green feels as crisp and summer sweet as a container of sugar snap peas and catches the very pith of an agriculturists' market." — Celerie Kemble Make it yours: Rollinson Hues 31

The Look

The Look

Jane Austen-motivated ballgown window ornaments and coordinating dividers give designer Kelee Katillac's Kansas City dining room its sentimental, rose-quartz flush.

In the Pink

Color Inspiration: In the Pink

"Here in Florida, I have the most awesome yard that has been painted pink for a long time. It's the pink of strawberry frozen treats and climbing roses and the redden on our cheeks following a long, extravagant day at the shoreline." — Mimi McMakinMake it yours: Sherwin Williams In the Pink SW 6583

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