What Do You Think Is Cozy?

What Do You Think Is Cozy?

Cozy Is

Fluffy bedding? A snuggly robe and a crackling fire? A glass of red wine and American Idol? We say they're all what's comfortable now.

Cozy Is

Cozy Is... Little Houses

"Small houses, since individuals need to make each room serve in excess of one capacity. A dining room that is additionally utilized for homework and bill paying feels invigorated and comfortable, in light of the fact that there's greater movement occurring in it. The coziest house I've ever been in is little — a 900-square-foot Arts and Crafts gem. The light pouring in, the common wood, the wide windowsills...it was enchanted." - Sarah Susanka, modeler and writer of The Not So Big House and Not So Big Remodeling

Cozy Is

Cozy Is... Books

"I don't know anything that could supplant books. I'm with them throughout the day at work, and when I go home, I'm encompassed by them there. I have a library, shelves in each room, stacks by the bed, stacks on the dining room table. Encompassed by every one of the conceivable outcomes inside each book — a trip taken, a world found, feelings felt — well, I simply don't perceive how I could manage without them. It would be horrendous and, extremely icy." - Toby Cox, proprietor of the Three Lives and Company Bookstore

Cozy Is

Cozy Is... A Close-Knit Dinner Party

"A supper party where you're altogether tucked in as tight as conceivable at the dining table. Then again, everything that feels great is done as close as conceivable — picnics, moving, riding in sports autos. I'll get in a bad position in the event that I continue onward, right?" - Mimi McMakin, interior designer

Cozy Is... Loads of Cushions

"The right lighting. No spotlights, no crystal fixtures, and no roof lighting, which is so chilly. I like perusing with kraft-paper shades that resemble material. They have a pleasant candlelight gleam. I likewise like upholstered dividers and loads of pads wherever — however not excessively stuffed ones. What's more, don't influence them to resemble an armed force arrangement!" - Carolina Irving, texture designer

Cozy Is... Furniture That's Upholstered

"Coziness is about happy with seating. On the off chance that there's nothing completely upholstered to sit on in a room, I would prefer not to be there. I'm not hoping to be choked by goose down — I simply need to have the capacity to twist up and talk." - Betsy Burnham, interior designer

Cozy Is... A Big Breakfast

"It's wearing my most loved old blue-and-green Fair Isle V-neck sweater and making an incredibly huge breakfast on a Sunday morning — espresso, eggs, bacon, and bunches of corn tortillas or cornbread in a dark iron skillet. I adore the possess an aroma similar to corn in any shape. So consoling. I'd sit with my significant other on the couch and eat it gradually, encompassed by a month of books and magazines." - Susan Spicer, culinary expert and proprietor of Bayona Restaurant

Cozy Is... A Fluffy Bedroom

"Being in bed, encompassed by 360 degrees of cushion! Bedroom hues ought to be delicate — pinks, ivories, creams, melons, cold blues. Lighting ought to be delicate. The bed ought to be delightfully wrapping. It can be a 'featherbed' made out of an extremely incredible poly fiberfill so there are no plumes jabbing you, an awesome sheepskin, or an okay fleece cushion two inches thick. Be that as it may you make it, the bed should influence you to feel like an infant getting wrapped up in your woobie." - Ann Gish, designer of extravagance materials and bedding

Cozy Is... Candlelight

"I just watched two grandchildren, and we sat at the table eating noodle soup we'd made ourselves. I lit candles and I stated, doesn't this vibe extremely comfortable? Also, they stated, it does! Candles make everything comfortable. They cast a light of closeness, which is the thing that comfort is about." - Jesse Ziff Cool, restaurateur and cookbook author

Cozy Is... Tuning in to the Classics

"Sinatra's superbly comfortable, as is Ella Fitzgerald. Be that as it may, there's something about tuning in to Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No. 2 that influences me to go limp. It resembles sinking into a hot shower encompassed by candles." - Judith Owen, vocalist and songwriter

Cozy Is... Individual Artifacts

"Personal ancient rarities — objects you've gathered on get-aways, family photos, bits of craftsmanship you cherish. It's a feeling of yourself in your enriching." - Sharone Einhorne, proprietor of Ruby Beets

Cozy Is... White Bedding

"I like hills of white sheet material. It's exotic yet helps me to remember purity. Life starts and finishes in white sheets — they take advantage of something fundamental as opposed to simply being chic for chic." - Sean Cummings, proprietor of International House Hotel

Cozy Is... Twisting Up by a Fire

"Here's my formula: Curl up with an extraordinary book on a comfortable couch — down pads an unquestionable requirement! — before a crackling fire. Add one to three resting pooches, depleted from a long walk. You may need to put on a wool robe or a couple of bamboo relaxing night wear. Have you never worn bamboo? Goodness my. It moves with you like a moment skin — and it's delicate as buttah." - Annie Selke, designer and organizer of Pine Cone Hill

Cozy Is... Warm Surroundings

"Coziness is being in a claret red room, or under a botanical arbor; or on a prepare shooting through the wide open. It's inclination concealed, as though somebody's arms are wrapped around you." - Gary McBournie, interior designer

Cozy Is... Textiles

"Having materials in each room to diminish every one of the edges. I simply transformed my dining room tables into library tables, and I have excellent saris from an outing to India tossed over them." - Susan Hull Walker, weaver and material artist

Cozy Is... Abandoning a Diet

"Cozy for me is abandoning any eating routine and having a decent spaghetti Bolognese with a glass of red wine, wrapped up in my most loved seat, viewing — I need to let it out — American Idol." - Milly de Cabrol, interior designer

"Coziness implies a snooze, and a rest implies a sheep's fleece or cashmere toss in red or chocolate dark colored. In case I'm as a rule decent and not eating chocolate, at any rate I can wrap myself up in it." - Sue Fisher King, proprietor of the store Sue Fisher King

Cozy Is... My TV Room

"My TV room. It has a comfortable Ralph Lauren couch canvassed in Scalamandré outdoor texture so that on the off chance that anything spills on it, I'm not stressed. I can kick my shoes off and put my feet up on my orange cloth stool. Orange is influencing me to feel so great nowadays! To me, comfort implies like what you're taking a gander at." - Kari Cusack, interior designer

Cozy Is... Legitimately Placed Furniture

"Properly set furniture — near one another as opposed to far separated, with loads of little tables so individuals can reach serenely for drinks. In the event that you have a major room, split it down the middle. Make two seating regions and put a major stool in the center so individuals can sit on it and talk both ways." - Eldon Wong, interior designer

Cozy Is... Something Handmade

"Something erotic and carefully assembled. I'm thinking about a fine fleece shawl, adorned and weaved, in some unique shading mix — perhaps grape against celadon. What's more, additional long, so you can truly wrap it around you." - Judy Ross, material designer

Cozy Is... Twisting Up with a Quilt

"Cuddling up with an interwoven unique blanket on a horrid night. There may be a texture in it that helps you to remember night wear from adolescence, or a dress your grandma wore, and she was the person who constantly ameliorated you when you were wiped out. It resembles having every one of the bits of your life around you, sewn into an entire: an enthusiastic cover." - Denyse Schmidt, stitch designer

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