Room Ideas

summary-Newmix Hall

The New Mix

Toss velvet, porcelain, and panther prints together and you get a radical new deal.

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A Home That Feels Right for Right Now

summary-Antique Headboard

Red and White (and Pink) Decorating

Red, white, and pink have for quite some time been the shades of adoration, but at the same time they're striking in the home. Look at these home improving ideas motivated by Valentine's Day.

Benjamin Dhong's Classical Christmas

Many of you may recollect that fabulous bathroomthat San Francisco designer Benjamin Dhong finished for the San Francisco Decorator's Showhouse. All things considered, I knew this man was capable and sharp, however I didn't understand the degree of his imagination. Simply take a gander at this marvelous wreath that Ben designed for the holidays! Ben was roused by some old building etchings that he had discovered, so he checked them, organized them, and afterward had them imprinted on material. He took the texture and stuck it to a 20' froth square doughnut. Genius!

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Swiss Cottage

(Images 2 and 3 civility of Tiffany Gourmet Cookbook)

Television Next To Fireplace

Hanging Your Television Over Your Fireplace Is Just Ridiculous

"I've never been an aficionado of seeing the TV over the chimney on the grounds that frequently the extents aren't right in the room and the area (and along these lines the survey edge) turns out to be too high when put over the shelf. When we have the alternative I generally put the TV to the other side of the chimney," says designer Scot Meacham Wood. This living space wasn't designed by Scot, however gives you a chance to picture how this situating could work.

Party Barn of English designer George Carter

The Party Barn

summary-Kip's Bay: Victoria Imperioli

Kips Bay 2007 - Victoria Imperioli Design

A rich accepting room from Victoria Imperioli.

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The Before...

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Baroque-en Beds

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Katie Ridder Hits a Home Run

(I filtered my examples with the expectation that you could get an exact thought of the stunning hues. For more colorways, visit Katie Ridder's site. I truly suggest getting a few examples so you can see the paper face to face. It's perfect stuff! The backdrop is accessible through Holland and Sherry showrooms.)

summary-Cheryl Terrace Profile

Kips Bay 2007 - Vital Design

A unwinding room from Vital Design.