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summary-Kip's Bay: Healing Barsanti

Kips Bay 2007 - Healing Barsanti

A extravagant parlor from Healing Barsanti.

summary-Grand Living Room

2009 Kips Bay Show House - Charles Pavarini's Grand Living Room

Charles Pavarini makes a great and exquisite living room with neutrals in the current year's Kips Bay Show House.

Mint Green

Whimsical Living Room

An Architectural Living Room

Living Rooms We Love

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summary-Jim Howard Sunroom

13 Sunroom Ideas That Are Perfect for Lazy Sundays

Soak up the warm beams — while never wandering outside. These designer solariums go from comfortable perusing niches to party-prepared spaces, all while looking particularly smart.

summary-Kip's Bay: James Rixner

Kips Bay 2007 - James Rixner

A chic mid-century living room from James Rixner.

summary-Kip's Bay: Stephen Siegel

Kips Bay 2007 - Stephen Miller Siegel

A sleek living room from Stephen Miller Siegel.

summary-14 Sneaky Styling Tricks for a Small Living Room

14 Sneaky Styling Tricks for a Small Living Room

This is where you should loosen up in the wake of a prolonged day, yet in the event that it's confined and jumbled you're never going to find that zen. That is, unless you trap your eye into speculation your room is greater than it shows up. These design ideas will enable you to do only that.

 syn hbu living room tricks infographic

These Clever Layout Tricks Will Maximize Your Living Room Space

Factory Direct Flooring have made an infographic uncovering some convenient tips and traps that can enable your living room to satisfy its space potential.