summary-Kips Bay 2008 - Bedroom by Ellen Ward Scarborough

Kips Bay 2008 - Ellen Ward Scarborough and Madeline Ward Roth

A gem box of a bedroom that is a definitive withdraw for a swinging '60s chick.


5 Smart Ways to Reclaim Your Bedroom Zen

Use the best pull-out of your wardrobe to store unattractive cream containers, antiperspirant, and whatever else jumbling up the best. Utilize cheap plastic containers, as these from Muji, to keep it sorted out; don't simply dump everything in there! A plate can hold a curated determination of things you'd like out in the open, and a little bowl or dish can contain regularly worn adornments.

summary-Romantic Is Tailored - Living Room  - 2006

Romantic Is Tailored

There's no extravagance very like a sitting region in an ace bedroom.

summary-Kips Bay 2008 - Bedroom by Philip Gorrivan

Kips Bay 2008 - Philip Gorrivan

Designer Philip Gorrivan made a tranquil extravagance in this ace bedroom.

summary-13 Beds Made Much Cooler With IKEA Hacks

13 Beds Made Much Cooler With IKEA Hacks

These courageous DIYers tossed the run of the mill resting set-up out the window.

summary-Small Bedroom by Stephen Shubel

20 Smart Design Solutions for Small Bedrooms

Cramped quarters can feel claustrophobic, yet a little key styling can change a cozy bedroom into a relaxing retreat. Take advantage of your little space with these multitasking beautifying ideas.

summary-Kip's Bay: Jed Johnson

Kips Bay 2007 - Jed Johnson Associates

An workmanship gatherer's bedroom by Jed Johnson Associates.

summary-living pretty kids room

9 Kids' Rooms They'll Never Want to Grow Out Of

You're reluctant to run hard and fast with the youngsters' rooms in light of the fact that in a year, you're concerned they'll simply ask for something new. Not in the event that you run with one of these nine stunning ideas from Season 6 of One Room Challenge. Snuggling up for sleep time stories is going to end up additional uncommon.

summary-Inspired Fabrics

Jan Showers Creates an Instant Bedroom

"If I were doing my bedroom at this moment," says Jan Showers, "this is the manner by which I'd do it!" A couple of cool hues and some quite delicate touches — sweet dreams, indeed.