Bed and Bath Design Ideas

Bed and Bath Design Ideas

Thread Count Myths Unveiled

Our editors share the best sheet material, bedroom frill, and enriching ideas for your boudoir. To see other design ideas, visit HB Daily.

Ode to the Bow

"Here at House Beautiful, I see a considerable measure of astounding items come in and out, so it takes a great deal for a comment blow my mind. Be that as it may, these throwsfrom Dutch designer Mae Engelgeer did the trap. Designed as a celebratory tribute to Engelgeer's dream — and my most loved theme — the bow, these tosses and going with cushions are so enchanting thus loaded with happiness that I have been fantasizing about them all end of the week. The main issue? They look soexquisite as a set, I have no clue which one is my top pick. See a greater amount of her work at or get one (or a couple!) at " — Amy

White Towels Go Glam

"File this under speedy and reasonable bathroom makeovers — just switchout your plain white towels for Simply Shabby Chic's unsettled renditions. For$29.99 you get an arrangement of the shower, hand, and face towels with girlie pizazz, yet I say bend over so you have an extra for a visitor bathroom. What overnight visitor wouldn't love to discover dressy points of interest welcoming them?" — Amy

Thread Count Myths Unveiled

"When it comes to bedding, I was dependably informed that the higher the string check the better the quality — and the higher the cost! While the last may be valid, I am rapidly finding that string check shouldn't be an integral factor when you pick your sheets. The imperative things to consider are the look you need for your quaint little inn, the nature of the filaments in the sheets, and, obviously, what influences you and your skin to rest easy. Our companions at Sferra have begun an extremely enlightening development called, "Lose Count." Check out the Sferra Facebook page, where they separate the greater part of the myths encompassing string tally." - Abby

Beautiful Window Films

"Seriously? Window film? Yet, this is a market that has made awesome walks in the previous couple of years, and this new accumulation from Trove is an appreciated expansion. The designs originate from its wonderful line of nature-enlivened divider covers. Envision covering a bathroom window to include protection (or veil an awful view!) while as yet letting in the light. - Samantha

Is Tie-Dye Back?

"I adore the laid-back look of this bedding from Matteo. It's known as the "Plunge Dye Collection," from Matteo's Spring-Summer d.u.e. line. On the off chance that an entire bed of this splash-color style is simply an excessive amount of flower child for you, have a go at blending the printed tosses and pillowcases with strong hues or whites for a gentler rendition." - Abby

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