30 Unique Bathroom Ideas to Steal

30 Unique Bathroom Ideas to Steal

summary Industrial Chic Bathroom

Functional doesn't need to mean exhausting. These surprising bathrooms highlight imaginative designs and vital subtle elements. For much more motivation, look at 100+ virtuoso bathroom ideas.

Green Tile

Antique Carving

"If you will do shading, for what reason not go extreme?" designer Erin Martin says of this swanky pool house bathroom. She set the sink on a complicated 1920s Turkish help board and secured the dividers with clear glass tile.

Toile Bathroom Decor

Toile Ceiling

Rooms under roof can feel cramped, yet designer Tom Scheerer veiled the low slant by covering it with an aviary-designed toile that opens up the entire space.

Spanish Style Country Bathroom

River Rock Floors

Designer Kelley McDowell left the case for a Spanish-style nation home in California — she picked a shower entryway reminiscent of a metal casement window and set down Ojai stream shake for the floor.

Aged to Perfection

Zinc Tub

Antiques and patina command designer Penelope Bianchi's Santa Barbara home, including a dazzling 1860s zinc-lined tub encompassed by a trio of windows.


Tidal Wave

In the young ladies' bathroom of a New York apartment, mirrors hang before floods of mosaic tiles, designed by James Howard.

Wallpapered Ceiling

Wallpapered Ceiling

The natural backdrop of this high contrast bathroom doesn't stop with the dividers — it just continues "developing" overhead.

Madame and Monsieur

Inlaid Bathmats

Five-star inn suites enlivened the visitor bathroom in designer Betty Lou Phillips' French-style Dallas house. The Monsieur and Madame "mats" are really tiled mosaics.

Nautical Chandelier

Nautical Lighting

The gem deliver crystal fixture "was an unusual a minute ago determination," says designer Ken Fulk of a Victorian home's lord bath.

Lime Green Bath

Vertical Stripes

"We adore stripes, however we'd never observed them in a divider tile. It's lively and unique," co-designer Heidi Bonesteel says of a California pool shower. To abstain from separating the congruity, the shower divider is just iced in the center.

Bold Bathroom Design

Bold Mashup

A Chicago bathroom by Summer Thornton doesn't forget anything. Conventional and current, florals and stripes — everything looks perfect together.

Printed Bathroom Walls

Kids' Bathroom

The surprising combo of realistic Escher tiles and offbeat zebra backdrop raises a children's shower in a Manhattan apartment.

Industrial Chic Bathroom

Windowed Shower

Designer Deirdre Doherty totally made over the bathroom in this old Spanish Revival house. The dark bath becomes the overwhelming focus, however the glass-and-steel shower slow down is similarly attractive.

Striking Bath

Amber Accents

Golden stripes separate the space and add a touch of eccentricity to a California home's visitor bathroom.

Chevron Floor

Chevron Floor

In this New York City bathroom designed by Alla Akimova, the dividers and surfaces are made of glass — however the show is truly on the crisscross floor.

Peacock Inspired Bathroom

Peacock Details

An antique mirror appears to drift toward the side of a powder room, flanked by custom peacock-plume wallpaper.

Moroccan Bath

Bold Tile

In a Cape Cod bathroom designed by Kyle Timothy Blood, the hypnotizing examples of floor-to-roof Moroccan tile summon the environment of a conventional hammam.

Dark Stained

Extra Dark

Sheathed in dull recolored pine with straightforward cabinetry, the main bathroom has the look of a provincial withdraw in an Alabama home designed by Susan Ferrier.



Only a glass divider isolates the indoor shower from the outdoor shower for a continuous visual stream of room in a Los Angeles bathroom.

Cherry Blossom Bathroom Mural

Floral Mural

"I cherish cherry blooms," says designer Caroline Beaupère. "What's more, this ace shower in a New Jersey house was enlivened by hanami, the Japanese convention of going to see the blooms as a component of a festival of spring."

Bathroom with Fireplace

Tubside Fire

The curved window and the view from this California bathroom were so grand designer Ohara Davies-Gaetano would not like to put a major white porcelain tub before it. Rather, she designed an indented shower produced using chunks of marble. "Envision lying in the shower with the flares gleaming and the sun setting over the Pacific," she says. "What could be more relaxing?"

LLH Blue Powder Room

Trellis Walls

Chinoiserie meets orangery in a trellis-highlighted powder room, with millwork by Philippe Le Manach of Accents of France.

September Bathroom of the Month

Mosaic "Rug"

"The first thing we looked for was that tub," says Chicago-based designer Julia Buckingham of this storage room withdraw. "It's the crown gem." A "mat" made out of tile adjusts the point of convergence, "and you'll never need to dry-clean it."

Moroccan Bathroom

Tiled Accent Wall

A powder room in this common Los Angeles home highlights white Moroccan tiles on one divider that balance the dark floor design.

glass and rope pendant light

Hidden Medicine Cabinets

The medication cupboards in this Michigan lake house bathroom are taken cover behind the mirrors, a trap that works since they're so overscale. "Make sure the casing ventures sufficiently only off the divider so you can open it with one hand," modeler Bill Ingram says.

Decorated Mantel

Decorated Mantel

Designer Peter Dunham added a startling turn to this bathroom in a Los Angeles home: a chimney. "I flipped the places of the bedroom and shower, which is the reason the shower now has the chimney," he says. "It's to a great degree hot and luxury, isn't it?"

Converted Dresser

Converted Dresser

Editor Zim Loy painted a vintage dresser dark, included ring pulls for a battle chest look, and transformed it into a vanity for her Italianate house in Kansas City, Missouri. She additionally fitted the piece with shallow drop-in sinks, so even the best drawers are usable.

Pebbled Floor

Pebbled Floor

To make a spa-like feel in a North Carolina bathroom, designer Barrie Benson included a rock floor. "Feet have the most weight focuses in the body, and remaining on smooth cobbled stones is extremely unwinding, even remedial," she says. "I had a decent chuckle with my customer when she revealed to me that venturing on those stones 'shakes her chakras.'"

Faux Window

Faux Window

An Amanda Weil photograph on glass makes a window where there is none in a Park Avenue main bathroom designed by homeowner Royce Pinkwater. Whatever remains of the bathroom is done in unadulterated white marble. "I like agreement and consistency in a home," she says.

Start Small

Bold Wallpaper

"I don't put stock in a lot of guidelines, yet I do love a powder room ought to dependably have heaps of identity," designer Mona Ross Berman says of a bathroom in a New Jersey shoreline house. "What's more, we took turquoise to the extent it could go in this one."

A Real Rug

A Real Rug

In a California house, designer Mary Watkins Wood set out a floor covering rather than a shower tangle. Rugs are made to withstand significantly more wear than the infrequent wet foot!

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